Dental Implants with Dr. Mitesh Dhulab

Tooth loss is a dental problem experienced by millions of people around the world. Old age is usually the culprit, but reasons for its development may sometimes include gum diseases like gingivitis and poor oral health maintenance. Most people approach the problem by using dentures, but our dental implants in Indian Trail, NC are a much better, more secure solution.

What are Implants?

This procedure employs artificial tooth roots used to support restorations for missing tooth structures. This solution helps stop or prevent jawbone loss and is a form of artificial replacement dentistry. It is the ideal treatment for addressing tooth loss and is the most modern way of doing so. In many cases, implants can be the preferred solution over dentures, which have a tendency to be uncomfortable or unreliable.

Why Invest in Implant Dentistry?matthews implant dentistry

Implants result in teeth that look and feel natural. This is possible through a fusion called osseointegration, where the implants anchor directly onto the jawbone. With this procedure, you no longer have to deal with the discomfort of ill-fitting dentures, the unpleasant taste of adhesives, or the constant possibility of the prosthetic slipping off.

Replacing missing tooth roots with implants provides strength and security needed for optimum chewing and speech functionality. This allows those with implants to eat with they want without struggling with biting or chewing. This option may also stimulate and maintain jawbone structure. This prevents further bone loss and helps maintain facial features.

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