Teeth Whitening Treatments in Indian Trail, NC

Your smile holds limitless power in your day to day life. As one of the first things others notice about you, your smile can make or break a first impression. However, even the most perfectly aligned teeth can fail to impress if there are surface stains or discoloration. Stained and yellow teeth are a problem that most Americans will face at some point in their life and can be caused by various factors. Some causes of tooth discoloration include:

  • Diet: tea, coffee, wine, tobacco products, and foods with dark pigments can stain teethwhite teeth in matthews nc
  • Poor brushing habits: not brushing and flossing regularly causes plaque buildup and stains
  • Genetics: your DNA determines the shade of your tooth enamel and the color of your teeth
  • Age: your enamel wears thin with age and allows the tooth’s natural yellow under layer to show
  • Over-exposure to fluoride: too much fluoride, either from drinking water, or toothpaste/rinses, can cause discoloration
  • Grinding teeth/tooth trauma: teeth grinding can cause tiny cracks in your enamel which cause teeth to darken

The good news is that Idlewild Family Dentistry offers comfortable, affordable teeth whitening in Indian Trail, NC.

Whitening services and teeth bleaching are popular dental cosmetic choices for patients with stained teeth because it is cheaper and more convenient than other techniques. At Idlewild Family Dentistry, we provide both in-office and at-home solutions such as Boost Teeth Whitening, our At-Home Bleach Kit, and Crest White Strips Supreme Professional Grade. All options are relaxing and guarantee a visibly whiter smile.

How does it work?

Boost® Whitening Treatment

  • Gums are first secured to prevent any chemical burns.
  • A bleaching gel is then applied directly to teeth as recommended by our dentist.
  • Boost® Whitening system is comfortable and results can be seen in as fast as one hour!

Crest White Strips Supreme Professional Grade

  • Strips are worn every day as instructed by our dentists. Apply 2 strips (one for upper teeth and one for lower teeth) daily, for the recommended amount of time. The strips contain a thin layer of extra-strength whitening gel and whiten up to 18 teeth.
  • White Strips Supreme Professional Grade has the highest hydrogen peroxide concentration of all Crest White Strips and is the strongest at-home whitening option from Crest. These strips are not available in stores and can only be distributed by professionals, such as Dr. Mitesh Dhulab.

At Home Bleach Kit

  • A bleaching tray is worn daily for a recommended amount of time.
  • Bleaching trays are lined with whitening gel and conform to the unique curves of your smile for maximum contact.

Call us today at (704) 893-0351 or visit our office to find out more about our whitening solutions. A whiter, more brilliant smile is just a phone call away!