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Dr. Mitesh Dhulab is proud to offer his patients in Indian Trail, NC, dental crowns in a single, convenient visit. This exciting technology takes much of the hassle and inconvenience associated with getting a dental crown out of the picture. We, at Idlewild Family Dentistry, use the CEREC system, an in-office 3-D computer assisted design program and dental milling machine combination, to design and create your custom-made dental crowns in about an hour.

Process of CEREC Crowns vs. Traditional Crowns

If you have ever had a crown made the old-fashioned way, you probably have unpleasant memories from the process. First, there was the task of making the impression mold that was used to create your crown. Then there was the

  • First, there was the task of making the impression mold that was used to create your crown.
  • After the needed work was performed on the damaged tooth, a temporary (and often ill-fitting) crown was secured over the tooth
  • Then there was the wait, while your crown was fabricated in an off-site dental laboratory.
  • After this, a second visit to your dentist was required to have the temporary crown removed and the permanent crown placed.

Those inconveniences are no longer necessary for patients who need a dental crown, with our one visit crowns! That gooey mold-making material is no longer a part of the process because once your tooth is prepared for the crown, Dr. Dhulab will use a special reflective spray on your tooth before taking a picture that will be uploaded to a computer program. This computer program will use the photographic information to design the basic crown for your tooth. Dr. Dhulab will then use his expertise and skill to refine the design before programming the dental mill. Your crown will then be milled from a block of high-quality dental porcelain. Then, Dr. Mitesh can place the crown within seconds it being created in his office. This is how we are able to create one visit crowns at our practice.

When Do I Need a Crown?

Crowns are needed during many procedures. For example, if a tooth has suffered from a cavity and much of the tooth’s internal structure has been removed as a result, a dental filling may not be strong enough or comprehensive enough to protect the tooth. In this instance, a crown is needed to ensure the tooth is protected from future decay or damage.

Additionally, patients who have undergone root canal therapy will need a crown. Our root canal treatment is an effective method for restoring an infected tooth, however, it will leave the tooth slightly weak after the cleaning. A crown can ensure that the tooth remains strong, intact and healthy for many years.

Other dental procedures that may require a crown are dental implants, bridges and cosmetic procedures meant to enhance a tooth’s appearance.

Why Choose One Visit Crowns?

Now that dental crowns no longer have to be constructed in an off-site dental laboratory, the patient is spared the two weeks, or longer, of waiting for the prepared crown to be ready to place. While a temporary crown would still offer your tooth protection while waiting for a permanent crown, many patients really prefer not having to deal with the possibility that the temporary will come loose and fall out before the permanent crown is ready. In addition, our one visit crowns eliminate the need for taking time for a second dental appointment to have the permanent crown fitted and bonded in place.

We, at Idlewild Family Dentistry, would love to show you how we can help strengthen your smile with Cerec one visit crowns. Call today to find out more about our innovative technology and expert dentistry by Dr. Mitesh Dhulab.