Meet Dr. Mitesh Dhulab

Dr. Mitesh Dhulab
Dr. Mitesh Dhulab

Dr. Mitesh Dhulab, is a distinguished and world-renowned dentist in Indian Trail. When it comes to your dental problems and concerns, he and his team have the expertise and experience to provide you with exactly what you need! Have confidence that you are in good hands with Idlewild Family Dentistry’s very own founder.

Dr. Dhulab boasts an extensive background in general, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry. He has been practicing for years and successfully established Idlewild Family Dentistry to what it is today. He has attended classes, seminars, and conferences from around the world in order to continually educate and keep himself up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in his field. As a top dentist in the area, he feels it is his duty to gain new insights, bring them to his practice and offer them to his patients.

Our family in the new Indian Trail location
Dr. Mitesh Dhulab is proud to introduce both of his kids. Ishika, age 7, is seen on the right, and Meera, newborn, is seen on the left.

He offers a wide range of services to his patients. Dr. Dhulab can repair and replace missing teeth in many ways. You can gain back your teeth’s natural form and function with his restorative dental techniques. He can maintain your happy smile and healthy mouth with thorough oral examination, teeth cleaning, and other general dentistry services that help prevent any problem. If you need your teeth whitened or straightened in the shortest amount of time possible, Dr. Dhulab can and will do his best for you!

Dr. Dhulab is known for his effective family dentistry services. He works well with patients of all ages and with any type of dental problem. In addition to his techniques and solutions, people praise him for his gentle nature and compassion when dealing with patients’ anxieties. He makes sure you are comfortable during the procedure and achieve the best results possible.

Learn more about our office today! Dr. Mitesh Dhulab is looking forward to seeing you and providing the solutions you need. No problem is too serious and no dental goal is impossible with him. Just like thousands of other patients, you will come out of our office with a perfect set of teeth and renewed confidence to face the world.