Invisalign Dentistry in Indian Trail, NCMatthews Invisalign provider

At Idlewild Family Dentistry, we offer Invisalign in Indian Trail, NC. This treatment is a dental innovation in the field of orthodontics used to align and straighten teeth. These removable orthodontic appliances are the most popular modern alternative to regular metal braces. Aligners are practically invisible and customized accordingly, making the orthodontic discreet and almost invisible. There are no uncomfortable wires and bulky brackets involved, and thanks to easy removal, users can eat the foods they want and brush their teeth normally.

Invisalign Treatment

The treatment period depends on the severity of misalignment, but most cases take only a year. Aligners change every two weeks for the duration of the process. Each custom set gently moves teeth to achieve optimum alignment. This tooth straightening system bestows a beautiful and healthy smile without worries regarding the effect of braces on social or professional activities.

This orthodontic appliance is an ideal solution for correcting crowded or gapped teeth. It also addresses shifting teeth due to improper retainer use after traditional metal braces. Regular care can enhance overall oral and dental health. The appliance may also help improve chewing and speech while reducing the chances of needing irregular dental appliances.

The result of this treatment is a set of beautifully aligned teeth, a great smile, and a better overall sense of well-being.

Idlewild Family Dentistry is the provider of this modern choice for straighter and healthier teeth. Call us today to find out if Invisalign or 6 Month Smiles is right for you.